Microsoft License

Microsoft license is a legal agreement that grants you the right to use Microsoft products and services according to certain terms and conditions. it has a product key on the license COA sticker,  the key support to activate your operating system or your office application.


 there are different types of microsoft licenses, such as retail license, which you can buy from a retail store or online. its usually for one  device or user. like you can buy a retail license for windows 11 or office 2021, volume license, this is a license buy via microsoft partner or reseller, its usually for multiple devices  or users. such as volume license for microsoft 365 or windows server. also there are subscription license, which you pay for a monthly or annual basis, and it gives you access to cloud- based services and applciations. and about OEM license, it comes pre-installed on a device that you buy from a manfacturer or vendor, and it is often tied to the device, for example, you can buy a device that has an oem license for windows 11 or windows 10 pro , office 2019 , office 2021, etc.


 our company provides microsoft license keys mostly for the operating system  and offices,  windows 11 pro , windows 11 home, windows 10 pro, windows 10 home are bulkly provided,  office 2021 pp , office 2021 hb , office 2019 pp, office 2019 hb , these license key also has a very good demand for global user, or buyers.

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