Microsoft Win Server

Microsoft Win Server is a family or business of operating systems developed by Microsoft that run on servers, which are computers that provide services and resources to other computers on a network. Windows Server is used for various purposes, such as hosting websites, databases, applications, files, email, and more.


 Some of the features and benefits of Windows Server are:·win server supports multiple hardware platforms, such as x86, x64, and ARM.·It offers advanced security and protection against threats, such as secured-core server, shielded virtual machines, and Windows Defender. microsoft win server  enables hybrid cloud scenarios, such as Azure Stack HCI, Azure Arc, and Windows Admin Center, which allow you to extend your datacenter to Azure and manage your servers from anywhere.·It provides a flexible and scalable application platform, such as Windows Containers, Kubernetes, and .NET, which allow you to develop and deploy modern and legacy applications. windows server delivers high performance and reliability, such as Storage Spaces Direct, ReFS, and Cluster Sets, which allow you to optimize your storage and compute resources.


The latest version of Windows Server is Windows Server 2022, which was released in 2021. It offers new and improved features, such as Hotpatch, SMB over QUIC, Azure Automanage, and Auto HDR. You can try Windows Server 2022 for free or get started with Azure Hybrid Benefit. we wholesale or supply bulk windows server 2022, win server 2019  , win server 2016 , win server 2012 R2, including standard version and datacenter, we can provide both oem pack and retailbox, or oem license. 

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