Industry news
  • Microsoft announced an important update on its official website, reminding users that the relevant support for Windows 10 system will end in October 2025. This news means that Windows 10 system will no longer receive security updates and technical support from Microsoft.


  • Microsoft Office Professional 2019 has arrived, bringing with it a suite of powerful tools and features designed to empower professionals and businesses to achieve more. As the latest iteration of the iconic productivity software, Office 2019 promises to streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, and unlock new levels of creativity.


  • In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, Microsoft continues to innovate with its latest offering: the Windows 10 Home OEM DVD. Designed to meet the diverse needs of users, this product promises efficiency, versatility, and a seamless computing experience.


  • Recently, Microsoft officially released the Office Pro 2019 PC version, bringing the latest generation of office software suite to users around the world. The Office Pro 2019 released this time not only continues the powerful functions of the previous generation product, but also comprehensively upgrades the user interface, intelligent functions and collaboration performance, aiming to improve users' work efficiency and office experience.


  • With the popularity of digital office and the increasing demand of enterprises for efficient office software, the Office Pro 2016 PC version launched by Microsoft has become the first choice for many enterprises and individual users. Office Pro 2016 not only continues the powerful functions of the Office series software, but also comprehensively upgrades the user interface, collaboration functions and security, providing users with a more convenient and efficient office experience.


  • In a world where seamless collaboration and productivity are paramount, Mac users are about to experience a paradigm shift with the introduction of cutting-edge office software tailored specifically for their platform.


  • In the digital age, operating system updates and upgrades are an inevitable trend in technological development. Recently, Microsoft announced the launch of the latest upgraded version of Windows system software, aiming to comprehensively enhance the user experience through a series of innovative features and performance improvements. This major update is expected to be gradually rolled out to users around the world in the coming weeks.


  • As digital office continues to deepen, software giant Microsoft once again brings a new office experience to Apple users - Microsoft Office 2019 Home & Business for Mac. This version not only greatly improves the functionality, but also carefully polishes the user experience, aiming to help Mac users complete their daily work more efficiently and conveniently.


  • In today's digital era, office software has become an indispensable part of people's daily work. Among many office software, Microsoft Office has always been popular for its powerful functions and high ease of use. For Mac users, Microsoft Office has also launched a version suitable for the Mac platform, providing users with a more convenient and efficient office experience. Let's explore this new Microsoft Office for Mac and see how it can become a new tool for improving productivity.


  • In the field of business diagramming, Microsoft Visio has always been known for its powerful functions and ease of use. Now, with the launch of the Microsoft Visio 2021 Professional Edition authorized sticker, users will be able to enjoy the powerful functions of this top-level software more conveniently. This article will introduce the features, advantages and user experience of Microsoft Visio 2021 Professional Edition authorized stickers.


  • Hanhai Qianda Office Software Co., Ltd. is honored to announce that they have become the preferred supplier of genuine Office 2021 products. The achievement of this important milestone marks Hanhai Qianda's preeminent position and growing influence in the software field. As a company committed to providing high-quality office software solutions, Hanhai Qianda has always adhered to the principle of customer first and continuously strives to provide users with better and more convenient services.


  • Recently, Microsoft officially released its highly anticipated next-generation operating system-Windows 11. As the latest version after Windows 10, Windows 11 brings a series of exciting new features and improvements, aiming to provide users with a smoother, more secure, and innovative digital experience. Let’s explore this long-awaited digital revolution together!