Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard License COA Sticker

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Product Description

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard License COA Sticker

Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard 16 core License COA Sticker

SQL Server sets the standard for comprehensive programming capabilities, security innovations, and rapid performance for medium-sized applications and data marts.


What is SQL Server 2019 Standard 16 Core

SQL Server 2019 Standard 16 Core gives industry-leading execution and knowledge over the entirety of your data, structured and unstructured. In addition, SQL Server 2019 would now be able to be the center for your whole information home, with the capacity to query any database like Oracle, MongoDB, Cassandra, and Hadoop in an exceptionally secure and profoundly performant way—all without moving or replicating the data.

SQL Server has developed from a customary database to an industry-leading data platform worked to take on any data project, from OLTP, Data Warehousing and BI, to AI and progressed analytics over Big Data. Further, SQL Server 2019 incorporates the entirety of this in one product, SQL Server 2019 acquires improvements the core SQL engine, offers a scale-up and scale-out system support for Big Data (Apache Spark, Data Lake), cutting edge data virtualization technology, and with built-in AI abilities.

Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard License COA Sticker


SQL Server 2019 Standard Edition



  • Industry leading performance and intelligence over all your data, structured and unstructured
  • Most secure database over the last 10 years per NIST*
  • Query any database like Oracle, MongoDB, and Cassandra in a highly secure and highly performant way—all without moving or copying the data
  • Built to take on any data project, from OLT and BI, to AI and advanced analytics
  • Built-in AI with R, Python and SQL Server Machine learning services
  • Includes Azure Data Studio
  • Features like Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) and Accelerated database recovery are now part of Standard edition


Why choose SQL Server 2019


  • Run faster transactions with enhanced high availability and performance.
  • Get in-database machine learning with R and Python as well as self-service reports and dashboards through Power BI Report Server and Mobile BI.
  • Run mission-critical workloads using Windows, Linux, and containers on premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments.
  • Integrate, manage, and analyze both relational and unstructured big data using data virtualization and big data clusters.
  • Use Microsoft SQL Server 2019 big data clusters as an analytical data lake with built-in support for Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and Spark.
  • Analyze and score large amounts of data with machine learning and processing platforms like Spark.
  • Reduce the need for Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) applications by eliminating data movement.
  • Integrate and secure machine learning applications with scalable performance.
  • Reduce the need for application and query changes to gain a boost in performance.
  • Increase confidential computing of data through hardware enclaves.
  • Increase application and database uptime and availability through features like ADR (Advanced Database Recovery).
  • Extend the power of the T-SQL language in a secure and robust fashion.
  • Run applications and deploy databases across multiple operating systems and platforms with compatibility.
  • Reduce the risk of upgrades while using new SQL capabilities when you are ready though inbuilt database compatibility levels.


SQL server 2019 standard COA sticker

Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard License COA Sticker




Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard

Installation Method

Digital Download

Users Supported

Admin User

Devices Supported

1 Server

Installations Supported

1 Server Installation



Language Supported


Platform Supported

Windows, Linux, Docker

Minimum Hard Drive Space

6 GB

Minimum Memory

4 GB

Minimum Processor Speed

2.0 GHZ

Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard License

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