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Microsoft announces Windows 11 LTSC 2024 hardware requirements, IoT devices can choose TPM module


Last week, Microsoft announced the release of Windows 11 Enterprise IoT LTSC 2024, which is the first official version of Windows 11 LTSC 2024 and even the Windows 11 LTSC series.


Other LTSC versions including Windows 11 LTSC 2024 and Windows Server 2025 will be released later this year, expected to be in September and October. Microsoft has already provided evaluation version image files for IT administrators.


It is worth noting that Microsoft also announced the hardware requirements of Windows 11 LTSC 2024 IoT version. The good news is that at least for IoT devices, it is not required to be equipped with TPM 2.0 trusted platform module.


Here are the hardware requirements for the IoT version: Recommended configuration


Processor: 1GHz, 2 cores

System memory: 4GB

System storage: 64GB

Storage type: SSD

System firmware: UEFI

Trusted Platform Module: TPM 2.0

Secure boot: Enabled by default

DirectX: DirectX 12

Display: 9 inches, 720p resolution

Here are the hardware requirements for the IoT version: Optional configuration is the minimum requirement


Processor: 1GHz, 2 cores

System memory: 2GB

System storage: 16GB

Storage type: SSD, HDD, SSHD, eMMC, SD, USB

System firmware: BIOS

Trusted Platform Module: Optional

Secure boot: Optional

DirectX: DirectX 10 / No DX support is OK

Display: Custom size

The hardware configuration of IoT devices is usually relatively low, so the minimum hardware requirements given by Microsoft are also relatively low, which can reduce the cost of OEM manufacturers. Of course, if OEMs are willing to use higher configurations, that would be the best, which can increase Windows 11 IoT LTSC 2024 The operating performance improves the user experience.


The support cycle of Windows 11 IoT LTSC 2024 is as long as ten years, which means that Microsoft will provide various security updates to fix security vulnerabilities in the next 10 years, which will help improve the security of IoT devices.

However, the support cycle of other LTSC versions, such as Windows 11 LTSC 2024, is not 10 years. The support cycle of this version may be 5 years. The specific details will be known after the release.


In addition, it is very likely that only the IoT version does not require the TPM 2.0 Trusted Platform Module. Windows 11 LTSC 2024 and Windows Server 2025 may also increase the hardware requirements, that is, equipped with a TPM module and must enable UEFI secure boot.