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Win11 has 16 features abandoned by Microsoft this year, Cortana assistant is gone



Recently, some media have counted the 16 Windows 11 features that Microsoft announced to abandon in 2023, let’s take a look together. Cortana assistant:


Microsoft is now vigorously promoting the new Copilot, and as a product competing with Apple Siri and Google and other voice assistants, Cortana assistant was once entrusted with high hopes by Microsoft, but ultimately failed to escape the result of being abandoned.


A week after the release of Copilot, Microsoft announced the abandonment of Cortana. Now when accessing Cortana standalone app in Win11, an app has been abandoned prompt will pop up, and ordinary users can no longer use the app.




Since its launch in 1995, WordPad has always been a built-in application of the Windows system. In the past nearly 30 years, it has been updated countless times, but it has never been updated for Windows 11.


WordPad is essentially a lightweight version of Word. Although the latest Windows 11 system still comes with the application, Microsoft has stated that the program will be deleted in future versions.


Mail and Calendar:


Microsoft also announced this year that the built-in Mail and Calendar apps for Win10 and Win11 will be in maintenance mode, and will be officially discontinued in 2024 once the new Outlook client is officially released.




Many people may not be familiar with the Tips app, which is a pre-installed app of the Windows11 system, which can provide various computer system usage tips, so that users can quickly get started and understand various new features.


In November this year, Microsoft announced that the Tips app has been abandoned and will be deleted in future Windows version updates.


Voice recognition:


The Windows voice recognition tool released with Windows Vista in 2006 has also been abandoned, replaced by the more modern and practical voice access in Windows 11.


In addition, the Win11 features that Microsoft announced to abandon this year are: Step Recorder (PSR), synchronization support for Entra accounts, traditional console mode, TLS 1.0 and 1.1, support for departmental diagnostic tools (MSDT); And Computer Browser, Webclient (WebDAV), Remote Mailslots, VBScript and AllJoyn.

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